Google Maps
"Sleepmode" – Fatigue driving (Concept)

An online brief to create a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of driving whilst fatigued.

The idea: Increasingly we are becoming more reliant on technology to function in our day to day lives, especially our mobile phones. This campaign would aim to raise awareness of driving whilst tired by putting the users mobile phone into sleep mode, instead of them!

As part of Road Safety Week, Google maps will target fatigued drivers by analysing abnormal behaviour associated with tiredness ie. misspellings, sleep apps and irregular typing breaks when planning a driving route. This behaviour would trigger the device to switch into a virtual, unexplained sleepmode, lasting several seconds. Our feelings towards technology failing us, at the time when we need it most, would aim to evoke paralleled emotions to falling asleep behind the wheel ie. panic, shock, worry. 

Targeted out of home prints and digital visuals will also expand the idea of fatigue drivers fall into “sleepmode”, this will be based around the printer or screen falling into sleepmode by displaying only part of the information. Digital screens will 'glitch' and switch off and prints will be visualised as if it’s run out of ink/stopped working halfway through printing.  

Radio – Google maps voice over
VO: Take the next left at junction 28 in 200m
VO: At the roundabout ta..
Satnav falls into sleep mode:
(glitch in the voice over, the voice pitch changes and becomes confused before entering a quiet distorted fuzzing sound for a few seconds)
VO: Drivers that fall asleep cause accidents.
VO: Feeling Tired? Take a break
VO: Road safety week, 21-27 November 2016
VO: For more information regarding fatigued driving please visit

Client – Young Glory (online brief)
Brief – Fatigue kills
Art Direction – Paul Brandreth