UEFA Champions League
Group stage moments

Visual representations of the UCL group stage moments to promote the sale of the final matchday program through the use of social media and also printed posters to be included when bought from uefaprograms.com

Client – UEFA
Agency – Twelfthman, London

Volkswagen T-ROC
Born Confident

Brief: Produce an activation for the new Volkswagen T-ROC with the line "Born Confident"

Background: The T-ROC is the first SUV VW has ever made so how can this product sit next to the current range of models that have been so successful? 

Idea: Use the success/history of the previous VW models to help sell the T-ROC off the back of their success which in turn justifies why the car has been "Born Confident"  

Client – Volkswagen
Brief – T-ROC Born Confident (Pitch/concept)
Art Direction – Paul Brandreth

Champions Hockey League rebrand


Perrier Andy Warhol

Client – Perrier
Agency – Ogilvy, Paris

Talent will always prevail

Having fun with ink and rollers. Whilst scanning in the type I was listening to a podcast by Ricky Richards and heard the quote "Talent will always prevail" so I decided to use it to see how this typeface was shaping up.

Check out Ricky's podcasts here: http://www.rickyrichards.com/allpodcasts/


Google Maps
"Sleepmode" – Fatigue driving (Concept)

An online brief to create a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of driving whilst fatigued.

The idea: Increasingly we are becoming more reliant on technology to function in our day to day lives, especially our mobile phones. This campaign would aim to raise awareness of driving whilst tired by putting the users mobile phone into sleep mode, instead of them!


As part of Road Safety Week, Google maps will target fatigued drivers by analysing abnormal behaviour associated with tiredness ie. misspellings, sleep apps and irregular typing breaks when planning a driving route. This behaviour would trigger the device to switch into a virtual, unexplained sleepmode, lasting several seconds. Our feelings towards technology failing us, at the time when we need it most, would aim to evoke paralleled emotions to falling asleep behind the wheel ie. panic, shock, worry. 

Client – Young Glory (online brief)
Brief – Fatigue kills
Art Direction – Paul Brandreth

Mooro's Match
Premier League charity match 2017

Quick turnaround match invitation to be handing out for participants for Tom Moore's (Mooro) charity match which included an honor's arm band and details of the event to be held at The Emirates Stadium April 2017. The match was to raise money Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) in honor of Tom who worked in the media team at the Premier League. 

Love happens here
Omnicom Pride day concept

Grey Goose
Le Melon

Client – Grey Goose
Brief – Le Melon (Pitch/concept)

Outdoor lighting

Proative brief from Ogilvy Paris to show the power of Philips outdoor LEDs.

Idea: A modern take on the nativity play however the three modern kings mistake the bright star for cities using the Philips outdoor LED whilst on their journrey educating the product and nativity play.

Idea: Create online social interaction of the three kings working their way around the world whilst revealing the Nativity play and user help to direct them to the finale on Christmas day. This would also be supported in print as well as 30 sec daily videos for online use. 


Client – Philips
Brief – Outdoor Lighting (Proactive)
Agency – Ogilvy, Paris

No campaign (Pitch)


From bean to cup and beyond, Nespresso’s standards are higher than other coffee brands. While many accept lower grade beans, cheaper methods, lower environmental standards and unscrupulous farming practices, Nespresso firmly says no.

Using a quick succession of dynamic images of landscapes, coffee growing, farmers and processes the film highlights all the things Nespresso says no to in a moving, poetic way with the message ultimately being no to compromise.

Client – Nespresso Agency – Ogilvy, Paris
Creative Director – Grant Parker
Copywriter – Andrew Jolliffe
Art Direction – Julien Conter
Art Direction – Paul Brandreth