Grey Goose
Fly Beyond

Making vodka in wine and cognac country? Mais non! Or actually, mais oui!

This 90-second video depicts the story of François Thibault, the man who developed the recipe for Grey Goose, who was apparently rewarded for this achievement by being shunned for years by the French people. After the vodka became a best seller in New York, the French people of the wine and cognac region began to choose Grey Goose as their drink of choice.

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn (Only God Forgives, Drive)

As part of this integrated campaign, the theme “Fly Beyond” — an aspirational take on the brand’s goose mascot, showed the ‘Grey Goose’ flying beyond the usual geese flying formation to achieve something different. This campaign is still in circulation 3 years later.



Concepts for Grey Goose Le Melon.

Client – Grey Goose (Bacardi)
Agency – Ogilvy, Paris
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Creative Director – Grant Parker
Copywriter – Andrew Jolliffe
Art Direction – Paul Brandreth